Tools and integrations


The following tools are officially provided and supported by Contentful. They help u to interact with our API apart from the SDK's and web app.


Import a Content model, Content and other data to a Contentful Space via a json file provided by contentful-export


Export your Content model, Content and other data to a json file. Can be imported to another Space via contentful-import.


Contentful's command line interface tool. Use Contentful features straight from your CLI.

  • Install via: npm install --global contentful-cli
  • More details


These official projects integrate Contentful with other amazing tools.


Contentful got integrated into Gatsby as a source plugin when version 1.0 was released of the Gatsby core. Gatsby is a blazing fast static site generator using React and an internal GraphQL alike structure.


Metalsmith is a JavaScript based static site generator, and this plugin fetches and renders data from Contentful.

Community projects

These third-party libraries are not officially supported by Contentful and may be incomplete. If you want to include your own libraries on this list open a pull request that matches our contribution guidelines.


An unsupported AngularJS library to access the Content Delivery API.


An unsupported Node package to sync content between Contentful and Algolia indicies.