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What is Compose?

Compose is an app from Contentful, which takes a page-centric approach to content creation and editing.

Web pages in Contentful are often composed of many nested referenced entities. In the Contentful web app, this requires a lot of navigation between entries. With Compose, we combine these entries into a single editing interface, which allows users to edit and publish all the building blocks of a web page in one place.

To be able to use Compose you need to install it into a space environment and configure one or more page types.

As pages in Compose are entries just like any other content in your space, they can be fetched using any Contentful APIs (CMA, CDA, CPA, GraphQL).

Compose content model versions

Compose content model is supported in the following versions:

  • Customizable Compose content model - the updated version of Compose content model that uses your existing content types as a basis. Compose with this content model is available for installation and use from April 21st, 2022.
  • Legacy Compose content model — the primary version of Compose content model based on a Compose-specific content types. It was released in March 2021 and is supported for the users who installed Compose before April 21st, 2022.
If you are using legacy Compose content model and would like to switch to customizable one, refer to Upgrade to customizable Compose content model.