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Extending and customizing Compose

App framework support

You can install Marketplace apps and custom apps in your space to customize the editing experience and integrate with other services.

Currently Compose only supports a subset of App Locations.

The following table shows the support status for the App Locations:

App Location Status
App Configuration Not supported
Page Not supported
Dialogue Supported
Entry Editor Not supported
Entry Field Supported
Entry Sidebar Supported
No support for UI Extensions
UI Extensions are not supported in Compose. If you need custom Entry Field editors then you should consider to migrate your UI Extension into an app.

App SDK support

Not all the App SDK methods are available in Compose.

The following table displays the App SDK methods which are not supported (grouped by namespace):

sdk.navigator openNewEntry doesn't open new entry in slideIn editor but only creates a new entry
openEntry doesn't open the entry in slideIn editor but in a new window instead
not implemented: calls to these methods are ignored
sdk.space createContentType
not supported

Custom sidebar

Custom sidebar for Compose page editor is configured in the web app, on a content type level. To configure a custom sidebar for a specific Compose page type - for example, "Help Center Article" - make changes to the corresponding page type content type in the web app.

It is not possible to configure a sidebar only for Compose pages. The configuration will also be applied to the entry editor of the corresponding content type in the web app. Only apps widgets can be added to the custom sidebar of Compose page type. Built-in widgets are currently not supported in Compose. UI Extensions also won't be displayed in Compose custom sidebar: we have retired UI Extensions and recommend converting them to apps. If you have some apps installed in the web app that you would like to use in the Compose page editor, add their corresponding widgets to the custom sidebar of the relevant page type content type.

To learn how to set up custom sidebar, please refer to Customizing sidebar.