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Getting Started with Contentful and Laravel

This tutorial will show you how to setup the Content Delivery API in your Laravel application and how to access your content inside the framework.


The Contentful Laravel integrations requires at least PHP 5.5.9 and Laravel 5. PHP 7 is supported.


The easiest way to install the Laravel integration is is to use Composer.

composer require contentful/laravel

Enable the Service Provider

Next you need to enable the Service Provider by adding it to config/app.php:

return [
    'providers' => [
        // ...
        // ...


Before the Contentful SDK can be configured, the necessary config files have to be published. To do so execute the following command:

php artisan vendor:publish  --provider="Contentful\Laravel\ContentfulServiceProvider"

This will add a file called contentful.php to your /config folder.

Now open that file and fill in your space ID and API key.

return [
  'delivery.space' => 'cfexampleapi',
  'delivery.token' => 'b4c0n73n7fu1'

To use the Preview API instead of the Content Delivery API, simply add 'delivery.preview' => true:

return [
  'delivery.space' => 'cfexampleapi',
  'delivery.token' => 'e5e8d4c5c122cf28fc1af3ff77d28bef78a3952957f15067bbc29f2f0dde0b50',
  'delivery.preview' => true

Using Contentful

You now have a service for the class Contentful\Delivery\Client available. A small controller displaying an entry based on an ID in the URL could look like this:

use Illuminate\Routing\Controller as BaseController;
use Contentful\Delivery\Client as DeliveryClient;

class DefaultController extends Controller
     * @var DeliveryClient
    private $client;

    public function __construct(DeliveryClient $client)
        $this->client = $client;

    public function entryAction($id)
        $entry = $this->client->getEntry($id);

        if (!$entry) {

        return view('entry', [
            'entry' => $entry

To discover how to use the Contentful client, check out the getting started with Contentful and PHP tutorial.


Now you should be familiar with the basics of how to use Contentful in a Laravel application. You can find the integration on GitHub and Packagist. To get a deeper understanding, read some of our other PHP tutorials. If you find a bug, or have an idea how to further integrate with Laravel, please open an issue on GitHub.