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Known Limitations

There are certain limitations in the following parts of Studio:

  • Pages:

    • An asset's fields can only be edited in the default locale.
    • The auto_save webhook event is not supported by Studio. The save webhook event is supported and can be used instead.
    • Not all App Locations and UIE SDK methods are supported. Learn more.
    • A maximum of 200 entries, including the references, can be published at a time.
  • Releases and scheduled publishing:

    • A release can contain up to 200 entities in order to be published using the scheduling feature. The referenced entities in a page count towards that limit.
    • Schedules aren't cloned when creating new environments.
    • When scheduled for unpublishing, only the parent (top-level) entry of a page will be unpublished, and the referenced entities will remain in their current state.
    • Each space environment is able to have up to 500 schedules present, across the web app and Studio. A schedule in Studio counts towards this 500 limit, until the schedule is executed.
  • Workflows:

    • There is a maximum of 1 workflow definition per environment.
    • There can be a maximum of 20 steps created in a workflow.
    • There can only be one content type per workflow definition at one time.