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What is Studio?

In Contentful Studio, editorial teams can create pages, collaborate on the changes, set up releases, and schedule publishing using a simplified UI.

Studio allows you to do the following:

  • Create, edit and publish pages — Add pages based on your page types, fill them with content, make changes, and publish. In Studio, parent entries and their multiple references are combined into a single editing interface, which allows users to edit and publish all the building blocks of a web page in one place.
As pages in Studio are entries just like any other content in your space, they can be fetched using any Contentful APIs (CMA, CDA, CPA, GraphQL).
  • Set up releases — Group multiple pages, entries, and assets into releases for bulk publishing or scheduling publishing events. To create and manage a release via API, view our Releases CMA reference.
  • Schedule publishing — Schedule publishing events for releases or individual pages. To schedule your content via API, view our Scheduled actions CMA reference.
  • Configure workflows — Create workflows and assign them to content types to govern your editorial team workflow. To manage workflows via API, view our Workflows CMA reference.

To be able to use Studio, you need to install it into an environment in your space.