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Environment alias management with the Contentful CLI

An environment alias is like an environment but any access using the alias reaches a target environment instead. This allows a quick change of which content is made available using the alias. For example, some content is in the environment release-1 and targeted by the alias master. Access to the content via the master alias reaches the information in release-1. New content is available in the environment release-2. To quickly change the content made available using the alias, the master alias is changed to target the release-2 environment. If the new content is not quite right it is easy to switch back to release-1.


  • A (free) Contentful account.
  • Locally installed contentful-cli.
  • Authenticated with contentful-cli.
  • An existing environment alias — You can create and configure an environment alias in the "Environments" page that can be accessed under the Settings tab in the web app.
  • More than one environment.

List available commands and their description

contentful space environment-alias --help

Get a list of all available environment-aliases

Lists all available environment aliases from a Space.

contentful space environment-alias list

The output should look similar to this:

│ Alias id │ Target environment ID │
│ master   │ release-1             │

Change the environment alias's target environment.

This is how you update an environment alias from a Space.

contentful space environment-alias update --alias-id master --target-environment-id release-2

The output should look similar to this:

Successfully changed the target environment for alias master to release-2

Next steps

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