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Frequently Asked Questions

This document describes Compose that is driven by a legacy content model. If you set up Compose after April 21st 2022, please refer to the updated Compose documentation.

Can the page and SEO content types be extended?

It is possible to add custom fields to the "Compose: Page" and "Compose: SEO" content types. Rich text fields are not supported.

Which locales can be seen and edited in Compose?

When dealing with multiple locales some fields might not appear in the place you expect them to be. Make sure to read Compose localization for more on this.

How many entries are supported in one page?

Compose does not introduce new limits on linking content, so your tier limits apply.

Compose does not introduce new limits on linking content, so your tier limits apply. However, complex structures can impact performance. Entries deeper than 10 levels are ignored and it's recommended to not nest your entries more than 7 levels deep within a page type.

How can changes to a page's content be detected?

This can be achieved via Synchronization or Webhooks.

Nested entries with "Compose: Page" content type won't be expandable in Compose page editor, but they work as any other entry reference field. When developing your application you can read their values and generate the links accordingly. Read more about Links.

How can webhooks be configured with Compose?

Compose is webhook-compatible, but management takes place within the Contentful web app. See Webhooks for more on webhook management.

Do page types count against the content type limit?

Yes, page types are regular content types and are counted as such.

Why can't Compose display the page content when the "Composition relationship" setting is not activated?

To properly load and publish pages Compose requires the "Composition relationship" setting to be activated on the "Content" and "SEO metadata" fields of the "Compose: Page" content type. If this setting is deactivated, Compose will stop working. See Composition relationship for linked entries for more information.

If you have permissions to edit content types, you can automatically fix it by clicking "Enable composition relationship" on the displayed error screen in Compose. Otherwise, please contact your admin.

One of the causes why this setting could be deactivated is using an outdated Contentful CLI tool. For example, when running migrations. See CLI tools and Compose for more information.