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What is Compose?

This document describes Compose that is driven by a legacy content model. If you set up Compose after April 21st 2022, please refer to the updated Compose documentation.

Compose is an app from Contentful, which takes a page-centric approach to content creation and editing.

Web pages in Contentful are often composed of many nested referenced entities. In the Contentful web app, this requires a lot of navigation between entries. With Compose, we combine these entries into a single editing interface, which allows users to edit and publish all the building blocks of a web page in one place.

In order to work properly, Compose requires a content model to be set up in a specific way, with certain content types, names, and relationships. Learn more

Note: As web pages in Compose are entries just like any other content in your space they can be fetched using any Contentful APIs (CMA, CDA, CPA, GraphQL).