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How can I find a copy of the invoices?

An invoice is automatically generated at the end of each billing cycle monthly. The invoices are sent to the organization owner(s) and the billing contact stored in the billing section. Organization owner(s) can also download a copy of each invoice from the web app by going to Organization settings -> billing in the web app. 

How to add billing information?

Organization owners can add billing details in the web app: organization settings -> Subscription -> Enter payment details. Billing information cannot be added if your organization is on legacy pricing plans.

How does the 30-day free trial work?

When signing up to a paid plan, you get a free trial of the respective plan for 30 days. This offer is available only for the first time you sign up to Contentful. You do not need a credit card for testing Contentful. Only after the trial is over, you’ll be asked to insert your credit card information. If you do so, you’ll stay on the paid plan. If you don’t add billing information, you will automatically be downgraded to our free Starter plan.

What happens when I reach a limit?

Different plans have different periodic and permanent limits. First of all it is important to understand the difference between these.

  • Periodic Limits Periodic limits are reset when a new billing period starts. This happens monthly, starting to count from the moment you first move into a new plan, regardless of whether it’s an upgrade or downgrade or the day of the month. For instance, let’s say you upgraded to a Pro plan on the 12th of May. Your billing period finishes 30 days from that day and when it does, your periodic limits will reset. Examples of these limits are Asset Bandwidth, CDN Requests or API Bandwidth.

  • Permanent Limits Permanent limits are limits that once reached, they won’t reset unless you do something to revert them, even if a new billing period starts. For instance, if you reached the Spaces limit, it won’t reset next time you’re charged for our service. Examples of these limits are number of Users, Spaces or Entries. What happens when I reach a limit? In the case of the periodic limits you can choose either to wait until the period is over or upgrade your plan immediately. When you reach a permanent limit, however, you must upgrade your account to continue uploading content to Contentful.

What happens when my trial ends?

One week before your trial period ends, you will be notified about it by email. The moment you’re being downgraded, you will be asked to insert payment information (a credit card and a billing address). If you choose not to do so, you will be downgraded to our free Starter plan. If you are on a Pro plan trial and used features unavailable in the Starter plan (e.g. locales), your content will all be kept safe but might not be accessible until you upgrade.

How many Organizations can I have?

There are virtually no limits to the Organizations you can own and/or be a part of. There is, nevertheless, a limit of two free Organizations you can own.

What type of payments do you accept?

Our regular paid plans accept only credit card payments (Visa, MasterCard and American Express). On our custom plans we accept payments via credit card, wire transfer, check or PayPal.

What happens when I upgrade or downgrade?

We will prorate charges when you upgrade or downgrade your subscription plan. If you have features enabled that do not exist in a lower plan, you won’t be able to downgrade until you disable them. For instance, if you have localized content, you won’t be able to downgrade from the Pro to the Plus plan, until you delete the locales.

Where can I find the W9 form?

Free and Basic plan customers can pay for the subscription with American Express, MasterCard, and Visa credit cards and do not require W9 form. Premium customers can make payments via bank transfer, in this case, you could reach out to the support team for our W9 form.

What is a Courtesy license? (Premium)

A courtesy license is provided as a complementary item to compensate for reasons determined between the Premium Organization and Contentful. Unlike a regular license, a courtesy license can not be canceled.  

Due to the courtesy nature of the license, it can not be canceled. You must reassign the license to an available space. If you wish to cancel a license, you must choose an available license to cancel. 

Contact your sales representative for more information.

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