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Can I have content that may have nudity or be sexually explicit?

If you a seeking legal/contract advice you should obtain from your legal counsel. Assessing whether specific content complies with the Acceptable Use Policy depends on many factors that change over time (and place) so Contentful can't make (and keep making) this assessment. Please check our Acceptable Use Policy to check for a better understanding.

What is account impersonation and why do we request it?

During a troubleshooting or investigation process performed by Customer Support, there might be situations in which the main root cause is very difficult to be identified due to the complexity of the current set-up or specific use cases.

For reproducing the error or the behavior, Customer Support might ask for permission to "Impersonate" a user.

Impersonation means logging in the web app "as the user" and reproducing the same steps from the Customer's Support's side.

For the impersonation to take place, written approval from the customer is required. 

To note:

  • When Impersonation happens, Customer Support does not have access to / or requires credentials (user and password).

  • Customer Support will not perform any changes in the user's account without the user's written permission.

  • Impersonation is not unlimited in time or has an expiration date/time. Customer Support will need to request again written approval on a case by case basis.

  • Customer Support will try to limit impersonation requests and try to reproduce the behavior by any other means (test environments, test users, etc) before requesting impersonation rights.

We don't have restrictions on gambling-related content if it's legal.

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