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Does this impact my overages limits (API calls, asset bandwidth, users)?

The latest Fair Use Policy will apply to the organization after the upgrade. See the Utility limits here.

How can customers use the space environments feature to consolidate several legacy spaces that function as sandbox spaces into a single space with multiple environments?

If a customer is using multiple spaces as “sandbox spaces” of their production space, the space environments feature can be used instead to test changes before applying them to production. When making changes to any entity in any environment, including master, the data in all other environments isn’t affected and stays the same.

The first (recommended) option is to start sandbox environments as exact copies of the master environment. If needed, you can export content from obsolete spaces using the CLI tool and delete spaces. 

The second option is to export content from spaces directly to sandbox environments using the CLI tool.

If I delete a space, how is the invoice affected? Will the price decrease proportionally?

Yes, after the upgrade, a new per-space price for each legacy space is calculated. If a space is deleted and removed from a customer’s plan, the monthly price will go down accordingly. Note that any additional spaces added to a plan will be at the full listed price.

How do I export space content if I want to delete a space?

You can export and import your content in JSON using the Contentful CLI. For more details, see the Importing and exporting content with the Contentful CLI how-to article.

Where can I find information on the new features I get with the upgrade?

The upgrade provides you with the following new features (click to view detailed information):

What happens if space usage exceeds space limits?

Spaces include a certain number of resources for each type based on the space size.

You can view your current usage in the web app and compare it towards what resources are included on each of the following levels:

  • Organization - Click on your organization name in the top left and select Organization settings & subscriptions. The Organization settings page will open with the Subscription tab, where you can view your organization usage.

  • Space - Click on the Settings tab and select Usage to view the details on your resource usage for the selected space and environment. 

If current usage exceeds technical limits, accounts won’t be able to go beyond them (i.e. rate limits, adding additional users, content types, etc.). However, spaces remain functional.

If your business needs a larger space to support your project, you can upgrade from within the web app, or you can upgrade by contacting: support@contentful.com

How will the limits (organization and space) for Basic accounts be affected by the upgrade?

Legacy self-service organizations will be transitioned to the current Basic plan. Legacy spaces will be upgraded to Medium or Large spaces based on usage. In the web app, these spaces will be labeled as “Legacy Medium” and “Legacy Large” so that we can distinguish them from normally sold Medium and Large spaces. Otherwise, the limits for these spaces will match the Medium and Large limits as indicated on the Technical Limits page. If current usage exceeds limits, accounts won’t be able to go beyond them (i.e. rate limits, adding additional users, content types, etc.) - however, these spaces remain functional. Following the upgrade, new spaces can be purchased at standard rates via the web app.

How will the limits (organization and space) for FREE accounts be affected by the upgrade?

Free legacy organizations will be transitioned to the current Free plan.

Note that our fair use policy limits each account to a single active Free space (please see Space and user limits for Free customers).

After the transition, you’ll have 6 months to use your existing spaces however you like. After 6 months, all but one space will be converted to read-only status. Live apps will continue to work, but you won’t be able to make updates to the content in those spaces unless you upgrade them in the web app. You will still be able to access spaces to export content.

The Free spaces will have the same limits as a normal Free space. The Free organizations will have the same limits as a normal Free organization. For more information, please refer to Technical Limits.

We recognize that this is a significant change from our legacy plans. The good news is that Contentful has adopted a modern environment model as a replacement for development spaces, allowing you to create and maintain multiple versions of the space-specific data and make changes to them in isolation. 

Does the upgrade affect spaces used in production or change organization or space IDs?

API keys, tokens, and space and organization IDs are not affected.

NOTE: API calls default to the master environment unless you specifically indicate an alternate environment when making an API call.

How do we deal with legacy roles?

Legacy roles will be available to customers after the upgrade and won’t be removed automatically. If a customer wants to retire their legacy roles, they will have to go through the standard process of removing these roles from all users.

Does the upgrade affect the creation of new spaces?

Going forward, legacy customers will not be able to add unlimited spaces. Environments functionality will support test and development use cases, and new spaces for production can be purchased at standard rates via the web app. 

Will pricing for these plans change in the future?

Base plan prices for Basic customers will not change as part of this upgrade, but customers may notice minor pricing adjustments due to the differences in overage fees between legacy plans and current Contentful plans. You can learn more about overages in our Fair Use Policy / Usage Limits.

There are no planned upcoming changes to our base prices, but Contentful continues to monitor pricing in the context of market changes for all subscription plans and tiers. If we ever do announce pricing changes, we strive to give customers plenty of advance notice to plan their deployments accordingly.

IMPORTANT NOTE: While your plan will upgrade existing legacy spaces to current Contentful functionality, any additional spaces added must be purchased at our current space-based pricing.

Why are we upgrading legacy subscription plans for all users?

Although we launched new subscription plans in 2018, we never sunset the previous Contentful plans. Unfortunately, that means a subset of customers is running an outdated, suboptimal version of Contentful. We want all customers to experience the full power of the composable content platform we’ve invested in over the last 3 years.

By June 1, 2021, Contentful will upgrade all legacy plans to current subscription plans and spaces. Legacy plans do not use spaces in the same way our current plans use them, so with this upgrade, users with the affected (legacy) plans will receive an update of the spaces creation flow, along with access to new features and functionality that was not released to legacy subscription plans.

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