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Can I assign a task to a role instead of a specific person?

No. At the moment, tasks can only be assigned to individual contributors.

Can I use tasks / schedule entries for publishing within sandbox environments?

Yes, both entry tasks and scheduled publishing are also available within space environments. To find out more about all the entities supported by environments, refer to this article.

Where can I see all assigned tasks / scheduled jobs?

You can see an overview of all the currently scheduled, published and failed jobs in the ‘scheduled content’ dashboard, displayed in the left sidebar (at the top) or accessible directly at https://app.contentful.com/spaces/<space_id>/jobs (substitute the <space_id> tag with the actual ID of your space).


The list of pending tasks assigned to the user can be found under the user profile menu in the top right corner or accessible directly at https://app.contentful.com/spaces/<space_id>/tasks (substitute the <space_id> tag with the actual ID of your space).

What happens if a scheduled entry fails to publish?

To ensure that scheduled entries are published successfully, the scheduler checks them for possible validation errors at the time of scheduling and prevents any entries failing the validation checks from going into a queue of scheduled jobs.

However, customers might run into situations where the entry is edited after it’s been scheduled to publish or a linked child entry is unpublished, thus causing a scheduled publishing job to fail. In this situation, the person who originally scheduled the entry for publishing will be notified via email that the job has failed.

In all other situations, the scheduler encountering an error will automatically retry and keep the job in the queue until it is successfully published.

Can tasks be deleted?

Yes. Tasks can be deleted (and edited) by the person who created them or the space administrator.

Do you notify users if they are mentioned in entry comments?

Currently, comments are intended to be used solely inside the web app and do not include an external notification mechanism.

How many tasks can an entry have?

At the moment, we cap the number of tasks and comments per entry at 100. We might increase this limit as we collect more feedback from our users.

Can I assign tasks for an entry that already has a scheduled job?

No. If an entry already has a scheduled job, then new tasks for that entry cannot be assigned to users.

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