What entities can be copied to a space environment?

Sandbox environments will contain a copy of these entities:

  • Content types
  • Entries
  • Assets
  • Locales
  • UI extensions
  • Saved views

The following entities are not copied in an environment since they belong to a space:

  • Users & space memberships
  • roles & permissions
  • API keys
  • Webhooks

Are space environments an API-only feature?

No, space environments are available via API and inside the web app.

Are space environments covered by SLAs?

Our SLAs only cover the availability of content within the master environment of a space. Keep in mind that the primary use of sandbox environment is to do internal development and testing, not to be consumed by end users.

How quickly can I create an environment?

The duration of the process depends on the size of your space. A rule of thumb is around 7000 entities per second, which means that it will take just a couple of seconds to copy an environment with 50000 records. Since the copy process happens server-side, you don't have to worry about running into rate limits or changing the original meta-data associated with the content (create dates, entity IDs).

Can environments only be created from master?

No, it is possible to create a sandbox environment from any environment and not only the master.

Who from the space users can access environments?

By default, environments can only be accessed by users who have a space admin role (don't mistake that with an organization admin role!). You can also enable users with other roles to access space environments by enabling this option in the role setting screen. Though, we strongly recommend reserving environments only for users with technical roles. Also, we do not allow to selectively assign space environments to specific users.

Updated: July 18, 2018

How can I get the changes from sandbox environments back into the master environment?

We do not provide any functionality for merging the changes back into master on our side. Instead we recommend using the Migration CLI to reapply tested changes from a sandbox environment to master environments.

Can I preview the content from sandbox environments on my preview website?

Yes, you can use CDA/CPA with sandbox environments in the same way you use them with the master environment. If you are using preview links, remember that these are configurable on a space level and not per individual environments.

Can I use webhooks with environments?

Yes, webhooks can trigger for all environments. Use the webhook filters property to control that. See the article below for a more detailed description: https://www.contentful.com/developers/docs/concepts/webhooks/#filters

Can I set different locales in my environments?

Yes, locales are isolated by environments, which means you can change, add, and remove locales when working within sandbox environments.

How do space roles work within environments?

While you can specify granular roles and permission policies in the master environment, content level permissions do not apply in sandbox environments. This facilitates experimentation and enables team members working in environments to properly develop and test changes to the content model.