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Backup, security and hosting

Where’s Contentful being hosted?

Contentful is hosted on Amazon’s AWS on the US East Coast. The Contentful CDN, which is used for delivering the content, has edge nodes all around the world, ensuring rapid content delivery no matter the destination.

Can I self-host/download Contentful?

No. Contentful is a cloud-based web service that we manage. We offer off-site backups for our Enterprise customers, but downloading Contentful and hosting it yourself is not in our plans.

Is my content encrypted?

By default, all the content on Contentful is encrypted during delivery. If you have public content and prefer to squeeze some more performance out, you can also use unencrypted delivery.

Is my data backed up?


All the data stored in Contentful is backed up daily. It’s also replicated across several servers to ensure availability even in the unlikely event of one server going down.

An additional nightly offsite backup feature is available on our enterprise plans. This way you always have a backup of the content in the data center that you own. If you want to have yet another replica of the content, take a look at the integration with CouchDB which enables syncing Contentful spaces.

Is Contentful reliable and secure?

Certainly. No one has the permission to edit or view your content other than the people you assign permissions to do so. In addition, your content is only accessible for applications and websites that you give access (as API key) to access your space.

We have very high security and reliability standards. The content is replicated between multiple servers in our backend and it’s backed up daily. Our global content delivery network stores the content on servers all around the world for high availability and low access times. The transmission of the content is encrypted with SSL – the same technology that’s used for online banking.

We also work closely together with the security community via our bug bounty program to quickly address any potential security issues.

Where does Contentful back up my data?

All content and media on Contentful is automatically backed up by us to two physically separate data centers within Amazon Web Services on two continents, using Amazon’s redundant S3 service (us-east-1 and eu-west-1).

Can I back up my data offsite?

We always do backups of all the content ourselves. You can always use the Content Delivery API (CDA) to export all of the content manually.

Update: In the past, we offered our enterprise customers the possibility to configure nightly backups of their data. We no longer provide this feature to new customers as of April 16, 2018.

If I accidentally delete my data, can it be restored?

In most (not all) cases we are able to restore recently deleted items and reverse content changes. There is a fee of $500 levied for every incident requiring a manual data restoration. To request this service, contact our customer support and include the details of the affected content.