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Why file uploading fails?

When uploading an asset file in the web app, if "Open file selector" is not clickable, please change to a network without a firewall/VPN (i.e. mobile phone's hotspot) and try again. If uploading is working in this scenario, you should whitelist the domain static.filestackapi.com and upload.filestackapi.com in the blocking component in your network.

How to handle the character limit of the long text field?

A long text field has a 50,000 character limit, which is a technical limit. We are unable to increase this limit, alternatively, you can use several long text fields, or use Rich Text field type instead.

Why "Author" column is empty?

If a user is removed from a space, the "Author" column of entries updated by them becomes empty. However, the author information is still stored in the entries’ metadata, which can be accessed via the Content Management API. If the user is re-added to the space, his/her name will appear as the author again.

How are permissions handled when assigning multiple roles to a single user?

If a user is assigned multiple roles, the permissions add up. For example, a user is assigned Role A and role B, role A allows editing entries of content type X while role B allows editing entries of content type Y. The user will be able to edit content with content types A, as well as content type B. The same goes for exceptions, if role A from the above example allows an action that is forbidden for role B, it will be forbidden for a user with both user roles.

Why can’t I find the “Talk to us” button?

It is because the option “Allow Contentful to send information to external providers to help us improve the service” is disabled. You could re-enable it by clicking on your avatar on the top right corner, then "Account settings" -> "Edit Account".

If you still can not see the button, please clear your browser's cache and cookie.

Why can't I view content types?

Adblocker browser extension blocks keywords such as "advertisement", "affiliates"; if you are not able to view the "Content Model" tab or open specific content types, try to disable it and then edit your content type again.

Where can I find the URL of asset files?

Once an asset file is uploaded, you can find the URL of the file by right-clicking the "Download file" button, then "Copy link address".

When deleting a content type, I receive the error "We’ve found x entries which use the content type"

The most common reason due to the existence of archived entries that are using the content type. You can make a quick check in the Web App, by going to the "Content" menu, then click on "archived" on the left sidebar in order to view all archived entries.

Why my desired locale is not listed?

When adding new locales in the web app, you might not find the desired locale in the dropdown list. The locales are language-region pairs, but they don't include all possible permutations.

The solution is to create a custom locale using Content Management API, you could find the documentation here

Please use the following syntax:

[![IMAGE ALT TEXT HERE](https://images.ctfassets.net/{space_id}/{asset_id}/{token}/{name}?w={width}&h={height})](https://www.google.com/)

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