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Can I customize (white label) Contentful?


In the context of Contentful white labelling means rebranding the user interface before distribution to end users. This is particularly interesting for agencies that develop digital products for companies and want to rebrand Contentful to match the look and feel of the products they've built.

Customisation, or white labelling, is one of the features available only in our enterprise plan. If white labelling is one of the features you need from Contentful, get in touch so we can set up a custom-made plan for you.

Here’s a list of what can be white labeled:

  • Logo or icon in the user interface (per Space)
  • Hostnames of the APIs (e.g. cms.publisher.com, cdn.publisher.com, api.publisher.com)

Can I become a Contentful partner?

Most certainly. We have several tiers of partnerships for digital agencies which are, hopefully, mutually beneficial.