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Access Grant

An AccessGrant is an entity that is used to manage which organizations can install an AppDefinition.

By default an AppDefinition can only be installed into spaces which belong to the same organization as that AppDefinition. However an AccessGrant can be created as a sub-resource of an AppDefinition in order to allow other organizations to install it.

It is possible to create a single AccessGrant which allows all other organizations to install an AppDefinition. You might choose to do this if your app is open source, in order to make it easier for others to use.

If an AccessGrant exists that allows another organization to install your app, you can share a link with the format https://app.contentful.com/deeplink?link=apps&id=APP_DEFINITION_ID which will allow users in that organization to easily install your app. This link can be found on the sharing tab of the app definition view. app access grant user interface