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Create a configuration screen

This tutorial explains how to set up a configuration screen for an existing app. To learn how to create an app, refer to Create a custom app tutorial.

You can enable the "App configuration screen" location to allow users of your app to edit configuration parameters which can be accessed in your app.

The config screen is rendered by the ConfigScreen component. To edit the content of your app configuration screen:

  1. In your code editor, open your app project.
The app project is generated by running create-contentful-app. See Create a custom app tutorial for details.

The ConfigScreen component can be found under src/locations/ConfigScreen.tsx. Any changes you make here are reflected in your app configuration screen in the Contentful web app.

  1. Change the configuration screen headline: for example, from App Config to Blog Post Metrics Config.

  2. Save the file to your desktop and watch the config screen update in real time.

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