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App Bundle

An AppBundle is an entity that is used when hosting an app on Contentful. There are two ways to create an AppBundle:

  • You can upload a bundle directly in your app settings by dragging and dropping the files into the drop zone. This will automatically upload them and create a new AppBundle right after. After saving, the uploaded assets will be served when your app is used. app bundles list
  • With the CLI command.

Each AppBundle belongs to an AppDefinition. Although there can be more than one AppBundle for each AppDefintion, only one AppBundle can be active at a time. The active bundle is referenced directly by the AppDefinition and is served when the app is rendered. You can also activate a previous AppBundle either via the user interface by selecting it from the list of previous bundles, or also via a CLI command


There are some limitations to keep in mind when creating an AppBundle:

  • Every AppBundle needs a valid index.html file at the root level of the folder.
  • There is a limit of 10mb and a maximum of 500 files for each bundle.
  • All internal links to your assets must use relative paths. Absolute paths will not work because the public URL is randomly generated. If you're on an earlier version of a create-contentful-app bootstrap, adding "homepage": "." to your package.json will resolve this.