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Instance Parameters

Instance parameters can be used to access user-provided values inside of app code. They are configurable per field where the app is installed. There are two steps required in order for instance parameters to be used in an app.

  1. Developers must enable the use of instance parameters by configuring the AppDefinition to define what types of values are to be expected.
  2. Users configuring the app will need to provide the values of these parameters (as seen in the screenshot below).

To give an example of how instance parameters work, let’s take a look at a list item app that is built to have the name of the list change based on what a user sets for that field. In the screenshot below, we are updating the content model for a specific content type. In this content type, the List field has an app called "List App" which is being used as the appearance. Instance parameters show up below the selected app and allow the user to input a custom value, in this case, the name of a list.

instance parameters UI

For more information on understanding parameters, see our parameter documentation or watch our video on how instance parameters can be set up for a simple app.