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Contentful apps extend the capabilities of the Contentful web app and the editors who use it. Apps empower you to integrate third-party services, build efficient workflows and customize the functionality of the Contentful web app. You can find a complete overview of available apps in the Contentful Marketplace.

In case you are interested in building apps, visit App Framework to learn more on how apps work under the hood.

Installing and managing apps

Installing apps is the easiest way to augment your workflows and give more power to your editors. Space admins and owners can install and configure apps.

Each app requires authorization before installation. Apps can act on behalf of the user, and we want to make sure that this is understood before giving control to an app. After authorization, apps usually require configuration before they can be installed. We will walk you through this process. Once an app is installed, it will appear in your list of your installed apps.

Some things to note about app installation:

  • Apps can only be installed, configured and uninstalled by space admins and people with the “manage space settings” permission.
  • Apps are only installed in the current environment. This allows you to test apps in a dedicated sandbox.
  • Installed apps and their configuration will be copied when creating new environments.
  • Apps can create content types and entries.

Uninstalling apps will remove modifications and functionality the app provided originally to the UI. Artifacts that we cannot determine the importance of — such as new content types, entries or third party entities — will be kept and must be removed manually. Each app will inform you which artifacts are removed in the process of uninstallation and which are not.