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Apps Alpha

Apps are a new extensibility entity in the Contentful Web App. We are experimenting with this concept in a closed alpha to collect feedback and explore the possibilities of apps. Please talk to your Customer Success Manager to get whitelisted.

WARNING: Apps is an experimental alpha feature. We are heavily iterating on it based on your feedback. Apps might stop working or get removed without notice so it's recommended to not use apps in production.

Available Apps

  • AI Image Management App: The AI Image Management app provides a more convenient drag and drop image uploader as well as a Sidebar UI Extension that leverages AI and deep learning to automatically assign tags to images.
  • Algolia App: The Algolia app makes it easy to connect Algolia as a search engine to a Contentful space. Once it's installed, Contentful will be automatically pushing updates to the specified Algolia index so content changes are kept in sync.
  • Basic Approval Workflows App: Basic approval workflows is an app which lets you review and approve content before publishing it.
  • Netlify App: The Netlify App is connecting your Contentful space to a Netlify site. The app enables continuous deployment of content changes into a static site.
  • Optimizely App: The Optimizely App is connecting your Contentful space to experiments in Optimizely.


  • Access to the alpha is limited
  • Apps live on the space level
  • Apps can only be installed/uninstalled by space admins
  • Apps can unlock functionality that is usable by non-admins (e.g. trigger a Netlify build)
  • During the alpha, apps might create other entities such as UI Extensions, Webhooks or Content Previews

How to get access?

If you've got access to apps, you still need to explicitly enable them in the Apps section of the Web App, acknowledging that you're willing to interact with an experimental feature.

How to give feedback?

Every app view (listing or configuration of a single app) in the Web App has a button opening a feedback form. For real time discussions please join our slack channel #apps-alpha.

Leaving the alpha

Users can navigate to the "Apps" section and uninstall all individual apps. This will remove every entity the app has created (e.g. webhooks or other customizations). Once all apps are uninstalled, the opt-out has been completed.