Apps at Contentful

Apps help you integrate with external services and add additional functionalities to the Contentful web app.

There are three types of apps you can use on the Contentful content platform:

  • custom apps

  • marketplace apps

  • Contentful apps. 

Custom apps

Custom apps are built by developers inside the companies of our customers and their partners, as well as the members of our developer community. They are often custom to a company’s particular need, or shared on an open source basis. They utilize the Contentful App Framework and are not available in our marketplace.

Marketplace apps

Marketplace apps are supported by Contentful. You can install any listed apps from the Contentful marketplace.

Marketplace Apps built by Contentful

These are supported by Contentful and are usually free and open source

  • AI Image Tagging: Automate tags on visuals with AI Image tagging app

  • Bynder: Find and use brand, marketing and product assets from your Bynder library

  • Cloudinary: Seamlessly deliver images and videos with the Cloudinary app

  • Commerce Layer: Add enterprise-grade ecommerce products with the Commerce Layer app

  • commercetools: Connect products with content via the commercetools app

  • Dropbox: Connect Contentful and Dropbox to easily share content

  • Google Analytics: Track content performance via the Google Analytics app

  • Image Focal Point: Optimally crop images for different screen sizes with the Image Focal Point app

  • Jira: Collaborate seamlessly on content edits with the Jira app

  • Netlify: Easily build and preview sites with the Netlify app

  • Optimizely: Enable experimentation at scale with the Optimizely app

  • Shopify: Integrate engaging ecommerce experiences with the Shopify app

  • Smartling: Automate and streamline localization with the Smartling app

Contentful apps

Contentful apps are built by Contentful and offer new approaches to content management and delivery on the platform. There are currently two Contentful apps:

Compose provides editors a familiar, page-based, interface to manage their web content, allowing them to get up to speed in minutes and work faster every day. This easy to use interface utilizes structured content, which means it’s as flexible as everything else in Contentful.

Launch allows teams to collaborate much more effectively and deliver faster by grouping the content for large projects into releases that can be scheduled or published as a single entity. It also adds powerful planning and collaboration tools, including a calendar view of all scheduled events in your space and workflow status labels.

Click here to learn more about the availability of these apps across Contentful’s plans, and to start a free trial.

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