Manual setup

Select this option to set up a project on your own. This flow requires you to manually create page content types  in Contentful web app and configure them according to your preferences.

To manually set your Compose project, select Create your own option in Welcome to Compose screen. The Getting started screen will be displayed. Manual setup involves several stages that are described below.

Setting up content types

As a first step to manually setup your Compose project, you set up Compose specific content types. Click Install content types in Getting started screen - Compose: Page and Metadata: SEO content types will be automatically created. They can be accessed in the selected environment in Contentful web app.

Creating page content types

To create a new page content type:

  1. In the Contentful web app, navigate to the Content model tab.

    NOTE: Make sure you are working in the environment that was set up for Compose. 

  2. Click Add content type. The ‘Create new content type’ window is displayed.

  3. In the Name field, enter a custom name for your page content type. This name will be used for the relevant page type in Compose.

  4. Optional: Add custom description for your page content type in the Description field.

  5. Click Create. Your page content type is created. Now you can add fields to it.

  6. Mandatory: In your newly created content type editor, add a field of type Text and in its Field ID type “name”. Click Create.Note: This is a required field for any new page. It is used by Compose internally.

  7. Add another one or multiple fields that will be displayed in your pаge type in Compose. Try a text field, for example.

  8. After adding all the desired fields, save your page content type.

Making page content type available in Compose

To make your newly created page content type available in Compose:

  1. In the Contentful web app, go to the Content model tab.

  2. Open content type called “Compose: Page”.

    NOTE: This content type is created at the stage of setting up content types

  3. Go to the Content field and click Settings.

  4. Go to the Validation tab.

  5. Under the section Accept only specified entry type, select the new page content type that you created

  6. Optional: Select another content type to make it available as a page type in Compose.

  7. Save changes to the Content field.

  8. Save changes to the Compose: Page content type. 

View page content type in Compose

To view your newly created page content type in Compose:

  1. In Compose, go to the All pages view and click Create page

  2. Select the new page content type that you created. You should now see the Page editor.

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