Edit a template version

How to edit a template version

To edit a template:

  1. Open the template you want to edit.

  2. Navigate to the "Editor" tab to edit the latest version of the template.


    NOTE: Every time you navigate to the "Editor" tab all content types from the source are displayed.

  3. If you’ve made changes to the content type in the original space and environment and would like to update the template content type, you can just hit add and it’ll update inside the template.

    NOTE: All content type updates will be included in the template, except renaming a field ID. This will not be updated in the template and if there are entries will give an error.

  4. If you have a new content type in the source environment you can add it to the template by clicking Add (+).


  5. To remove a content type from the template, select the X icon.


    Restart the flow if this was a content type previously in the template and you just wanted to remove the update.

  6. Select Save version when you’re ready to save. The "Save version" modal is displayed where you can enter the details of this new version.

  7. After the new version is saved, it will be displayed on the "Versions" tab.

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