Previewing an entry

Previewing an entry allows you to see what your content will look like once it’s live--without having to publish first. This helps you troubleshoot errors in formatting, for example, before people outside your organization will see and interact with your content. 

Previewing in the Contentful web app

To preview an entry:

  1. Make sure you’ve entered all the content you’d like to add in the relevant fields.

  2. In the sidebar of the entry editor, under Preview, click the Open preview button. 

  3. A live preview of the entry you’re working on will open.

Customizing the preview

If you find that the built-in preview for Contentful doesn't suit your needs, there is also the option of building a custom preview for your organization. This can be done by creating an app that can deal with regions, languages, and other areas that are not offered by the built-in preview. For more information about building your own custom preview, see our guide here.

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