Using tags to search for content

You can also search for entries using tags with a variety of filters. This searches all your entries or assets, no matter the content type. 

Filter nameResult

Include one of

All entries or assets that contain at least one of the provided tags

Include all of

All entries or assets that contain all of the provided tags

Don't include

Any entries or assets without the provided tags


Entries or assets that contain at least one tag

Not tagged

Entries or assets that are not tagged

You can do some clever searching by combining the any and not filters. For example, you can retrieve all entries that are tagged but do not contain a specific tag:


Lastly, you can choose to view tags in the list of entries in the content tab. Click the gear  symbol in the top-right of the tags table, and find Tags in the Available Columns section. 


For more detail on using filters, see our Content search article.

Tags can also be used with saved views. See our Views article for more information. 

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