How to Engage Effectively with Support

What you should keep in mind when talking to our support engineers

To make sure that you understand and enjoy Contentful, and that you promptly find answers to all your questions, we've collected a massive knowledge base: the developer docs, FAQ area, and user guides. Our GitHub repos contain a lot of valuable samples and tools, too.

If you can't find an answer to your question, you'd naturally want to talk to our support. Please do! The best way to do so is to submit a ticket, but you can also use in-app chat for quick, relatively simple questions: look for the Talk to us button in the web app, right in the top-right corner dropdown. Find more details below.

How to talk to us

Submit a ticket...

  • If you believe that you’ve run into a bug
  • If you’re having difficulty setting up Contentful
  • If you have any API-related questions
  • If you want to submit a feature request
  • If you need advice about your current setup
  • If you have any questions regarding your last invoice (or billing in general)
  • If you have any security concerns

Before submitting a ticket please make sure to use the same email which you use for your Contentful account, and to include all the details (screenshots, IDs of entries and spaces, and everything else which would help fully understand your question) so that we know about your problem as much as you do.

Only paying customers (Basic and Premium/Enterprise plans) will receive a reply from our support team when a ticket is created from the Support Form.

Send us an in-app message...

  • If you have simple content modeling questions
  • If you are having difficulty setting up your organization memberships
  • If you want to give us some feedback about Contentful

How fast will we get back to you?

Our support engineers are online and answering your questions from 9am CET to 5pm PT, Monday through Friday (with exceptions for German and US holidays). Customers with premium support agreements have extended support availability.

What we can't help you with (sorry!)

Understandably, our users run into a wide variety of questions when building their Contentful-powered projects, but some of them we can't answer (as much as we'd like to help) — they're simply out of the product scope. This includes the following themes:

  • Solving problems on the front-end side of the application
  • Re-writing user’s code
  • Integrating third-party services with Contentful
  • Analyzing logs
  • Implementing feature requests

Platform status

Our platform status page is always up to date and shows the current platform status.

The Contentful platform is constantly being monitored by our engineering team. In the event of any issue affecting the health and operation of Contentful infrastructure, core systems, or tools, our dedicated operations team is notified and will work to immediately diagnose and correct any issues.

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