Introducing Contentful for Organizations

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February 14, 2014


When we started building Contentful, we assumed that the very first people to make use of our approach to creating and managing content would be other developers & techies.

While this assumption turned out to be correct, we haven’t realized just how quickly our early adopters will go from using Contentful for their own personal projects to working with it inside their companies and commercial projects.

And as they did, we noticed that many of them kept running into the same problem: our usual workflow - from defining permissions for user roles and tracking usage to handling payments and sending out transactional emails - was structured around Spaces, whereas many of our customers thought about their projects along organizational lines.

The fact that we have many digital agencies on our platform complicated this problem even further, since innovative projects could easily span multiple organizations as well as involve individual contributors.

The challenge we faced was how do we support all this teamwork without unnecessarily complicating the workflow for getting the content out? And we solved the problem by rebuilding Contentful around the concept of Organizations.

Those of you who happen to be using GitHub, PivotalTracker and Trello, will immediately recognize this feature. Organizations help you manage users, Spaces and subscription options under the same roof.

This comes very handy when you work on multiple projects with the same team, for example, by allowing you to pre-define team member roles for multiple Spaces, and helps you smoothly collaborate with multiple customers by maintaining multiple teams and receiving separate invoices for them.

We think that teams and organizations using Contentful will appreciate the following features:

  • Straightforward billing: pay for projects, access past invoices and review usage stats on organizational basis;

  • Easier administration: manage organization members, quickly assign and remove users from individual Spaces, add multiple owners to Organizations;

  • Less noise: lock-in invited users into your organization, receive less notifications, display administrative controls only to users with appropriate privileges.

Please note that, by default, each user account can have up to two free Organizations. We also automatically updated all existing user accounts by moving their existing Spaces into newly created, default Organizations.

Log into your account and take these new features for a spin.

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