It’s a good time for you or your team to become a Contentful Certified Professional—it’s free!

July 16, 2020


Our free Certification Study Guide, free certification exam and now free Community edition of the Contentful product provide everything you need to become a recognized Contentful expert. Enhance your certification preparation with hands-on experience, then validate your skills with the certification exam in preparation for future Contentful projects.

Why should you care about Contentful certification?

Like many software industry certification programs, we designed Contentful certification to meet the needs of three key groups: Contentful customers, digital agencies and individual experts (and future experts!).  

Contentful customers: Help your team become experts

When a new project gets underway, it’s easy for formal learning to take a back seat to other team tasks. This can lead to implementation decisions that aren’t based on Contentful best practices.

The recognition that comes with being certified is a natural incentive for your team members to invest time in increasing their Contentful knowledge. Encouraging your team members to pursue certification will decrease project risk and increase confidence that you are using the Contentful platform in the most effective way. 

Even if you work with a Contentful partner agency, internal expertise can still offer value. It will help your teams ask the right questions, ensure critical decisions are being addressed and reduce the probability of unhappy surprises at the end of your project.

Contentful partners and independent digital agencies: Build trust and get noticed on the market.

Having a large number of Contentful certified team members differentiates you in the marketplace and gives clients confidence in your ability to deliver success. Certified professionals can ensure that your team is aware of Contentful best practices, and it increases the odds that projects will succeed and lead to future Contentful projects.

The Contentful Partner program requires official Contentful partners have a certain number of Contentful Certified Professionals on staff. If you’re not yet a Contentful partner, getting your team members certified is one of the first steps on the journey to become one. 

Individual Contentful experts (and future experts!): Expand your career options

Contentful’s extraordinary growth means that the demand for Contentful expertise exceeds the number of people able to supply it. And that demand is accelerating. 

Contentful’s training and certification program is designed to generate the industry-leading pioneers that will create the next generation of digital experiences that Contentful enables. Whether you are an employee, a consultant or a job seeker, being among the first to prove your Contentful expertise will give your career a boost. 

The certification program isn’t just for developers

The Contentful Certified Professional program is intended for software developers, technical architects, technical managers, content architects and others responsible for the technical design, development or implementation of Contentful projects. It is not intended for those who use the Contentful web app to create and manage content. 

You don’t need to be a software developer to pass it! You only need to be familiar with basic software development concepts and practices such as API calls and continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD).

We expect a Contentful Certified Professional to have the ability to: 

  • Determine whether Contentful is a good fit for a particular use case

  • Effectively describe Contentful’s approach to content management, features and technical advantages to internal decision-makers or clients

  • Understand tradeoffs and make optimal situation-specific strategy choices around content delivery architecture, content governance, localization and other critical success factors

  • Use an effective methodology that ensures that the resulting content model and authoring experience balances the needs of core Contentful stakeholder groups (developers, content authors, UX designers, business owners, content consumers, etc.)

  • Recognize and build on appropriate content model design patterns and best practices

  • Implement effective development processes for testing, launching, and modifying Contentful production environments

Just a note: We certify your Contentful skills, not your coding skills. While many software developers take the exam, it is not intended to certify your software-coding ability. 

How hard is the Contentful Certified Professional exam?

The Contentful Certified Professional exam is not easy. And, honestly, you don’t want it to be. If you’re looking to add certified professionals to your team, you want to have confidence in their skills. 

If you’re a certification candidate, you want your certification to help you stand out and for your certified status to be meaningful in the marketplace. The certification has to be rigorous and oriented toward the competencies required for designing and implementing real-world Contentful projects.

Although the exam is not easy, we work hard to make sure it is fair. We analyze the pattern of responses to every exam question to make sure that each question is meaningful, unambiguous and generates the expected statistical curve of right and wrong answers. We continuously monitor pass rates to make sure the level of difficulty is neither too easy nor too hard. And we make sure exam scores correlate with other measures of Contentful skills. 

To help you prepare for the exam, we provide an extensive Certification Study Guide. We also provide the free Community edition of Contentful so that you can get hands-on experience with Contentful. Not surprisingly, we find that those who invest time in preparing for the exam tend to do well and those who don’t—well, not so much. 

Perhaps the best evidence of our confidence in the certification process is that we use it extensively inside Contentful for the same purposes that our customers and partners use it—to support new employees who are getting up to speed on Contentful and to indicate when they are ready to contribute expertise to Contentful projects.

How do I get started?

The doorway to the certification process is an online course in the Contentful Learning Center called How to Get Certified. This short course explains the certification process, makes sure you understand the terms and conditions of the Contentful Certified Professional program and points you to study materials. During the free certification promotion period, completing the How to Get Certified course will automatically enroll you in the certification exam. You can start the exam whenever you’re ready. 

More information on the Contentful Certified Professional program can be found in the Contentful Learning Center. We’re wishing you the best during these challenging times. 

Get certified on Contentful for free through August 15, 2020. 

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