Faster, better, stronger: say hi to our JavaScript Delivery SDK v3.0

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March 8, 2016


Last week we proudly released a new major version of our .

The original JavaScript SDK for the Delivery API was the first SDK ever created for Contentful. It's a nice memory, but software grows old quickly: after more than two years we felt that it was just about time for a rewrite.

Luckily for the users, not much has changed: the new SDK is almost backwards compatible, so your existing apps will work after just some minor changes. The API is now more consistent with the Management SDK, and we have solved some long-standing issues with link resolution.

If you used one of the older versions, you might want to take a look at the migration guide which contains more details on what we've changed and how these changes would affect your life.

If you never touched this SDK before, this might be a great moment to start. Dive into our new reference documentation – it's been fully updated, too.

Internally our new codebase is now much cleaner and provides us with a better platform for future development and improvements. Apart from that the whole SDK is now much better tested – across multiple browsers and Node.js runtimes.

Together with some other recent new projects, this new SDK is part of a new breed of open-source JavaScript projects at Contentful, with the focus on a modern toolset and a cleaner and more standardized project structure, which helps us maintain and improve our open source tools and SDKs more easily.

As always, you are most welcome to look at the code, let us know if any issues occur (hopefully they don't) and suggest improvements.

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