My freelance copywriter got drunk and deleted all my content

It's a real support request that recently woke up one of our support engineers in the middle of the night. (Sadly, it was a Saturday night.)

Today we're releasing Roles & Permissions – a much requested feature which helps explicitly set up different access to content for different groups of users.

The writers should be able to create content, but not publish it: the editor should review it first. The translators should be able to write the copy in Spanish, but keep the English source intact. No one except the editor should be able to delete content. These are just some examples of rules you would be able to set up.

r p blog post feature image

Setting up the "Writer" role. He will be able to create, open and edit entries, but won't be able to publish them – only an editor can do that.

This update makes your content more secure and safe. Trusting the people you work with is good, but leaving less room for mistakes is even better.

Read a 5-minute guide and learn how to set it all up

For now this feature is available for every customer subscribed to the Premium tier. We're planning to release it for some of the self-service plans later this year as well, but first we'd like to collect feedback from those who have been asking for this feature the most.

Edited at Feb 24: Inês recently hosted a webinar about this feature; see the recording below. The video is about 20 minutes long. Enjoy it!

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