How to manage five marketing use cases with scheduled publishing

Content is the core of every customer interaction — from in-store digital displays and corporate websites to mobile UI copy and support emails. The number of these customer interactions continue to increase as customers expect more from their digital experiences. With increases in interactions comes increases in the amount of content produced and deployed. This creates a new challenge: How can marketers publish all this content at the right time via the correct channels?

We’re here to help. Contentful released a new wave of content operations features to facilitate collaboration at every stage in the content lifecycle. We’re making it easier than ever to publish content wherever it needs to go.

These five use cases demonstrate how one feature — scheduled publishing — ensures your content always reaches your audience on time. Burning the midnight oil is as passé as oil lamps. Schedule your content to publish and unpublish, day or night.

Seasonal revenue: Hit targets by scheduling content and campaigns

Brands create digital experiences according to seasons and campaigns. Brands in retail, fashion, ecommerce, online education and telecommunications run seasonal campaigns to drive revenue during peak periods. Those seasonal activities mean around-the-clock collaboration to get content published right when employees want to be on vacation most. 

Even the high-level data from our Content Management API and Content Delivery API demonstrates how busy these holidays can be. We’ve mentioned before that Contentful customers can reliably deliver their digital experiences, even on days as busy as Black Friday. 

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Scheduled publishing lets you and your team sleep while previously-scheduled content updates occur. During normal working hours, you can set pages, posts and assets to publish and unpublish at any time. No need to wake up at 2:00 a.m. just to press the publish button. 

Manage content lifecycle stages with a central content hub

Creating consistent experiences for your customers starts with uniting your content in one place and giving editors the ability to update, audit or share it on any platform without the help of a developer. A centralized content hub helps teams revise and distribute content on the fly. Updates can go live in a matter of seconds, on every channel, or at a future date. 

The content lifecycle can go from start to completion with scheduling a publication date, unpublish date and an archive date.

Scheduled publish

Global marketing: Deliver content across markets in a coordinated fashion

Within a global marketing strategy, you want to publish content when your customers want to hear about it. That means publishing a sequence of digital experiences at specific times and dates within specific time zones and regions. Distribution licenses or franchising agreements might also impact your timing. 

Features like the timezone selector ensure that you’re factoring in time-sensitive considerations across markets, so that you’ll always be confident that your efforts are coordinated for maximum impact across the globe.

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Localize launches: in-market activation with localized content

Marketing activities tend to have the biggest impact when they’re amplified in-market and in the local language. This is straightforward if you have locales set up in Contentful; it’s just a matter of scheduling a publication for when you want it to reach your customers across channels. 

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This becomes a bit more complex if you rely on sources, agencies or integrated apps for translation workflows. Fortunately, you’ll find translation apps on our marketplace that integrate with Contentful. 

You can also use features like tasks and comments to create workflows and collaborate with colleagues. Automated triggers via webhooks can even send notifications right into your Slack chat if a content piece is localized and ready to be scheduled.

Learning and enablement portals for your partners and customers 

After a promotion or seasonal campaign ends, you need to sustain engagement with your customers. Make sure customers and partners have the content and resources they need to navigate your product or services. FAQs, instruction manuals, self-service learning tools and even on-site, in-product help articles can all be delivered in a timely fashion with scheduled publishing.

Coordinating all your activation efforts together with continuous engagement and retention efforts is essential for long-term business growth. Start using scheduled publishing to make a direct impact, today. 

You can learn more about how to use scheduled publishing in the Contentful help center, and signup for a free Contentful demo to try scheduled publishing for yourself. 

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