Ecosystem / Ooyala
Please note: This is an enterprise plan add-on only available to customers on the enterprise tier. Get in touch to learn how to use it.

Ooyala is a video management system that provides out-of-the-box video applications and a flexible framework for creating customized video solutions.

The integration allows our enterprise customers to easily tap into their Ooyala asset repository via the Contentful editing interface. Directly manage and link Ooyala video content like any other media asset within Contentful. No need to upload or sync files.

The integration is enabled as a widget on the Content type for Short text where you can choose "Ooyala" under "Appearance". The output from Contentful is the video ID that is used by the client to render it.

You need an existing Ooyala account to use the integration, so please get in touch with us to get this set up.