Create a content type

NOTE: To learn how to build a content model, refer to Content modeling basics.

To create a new content type: 

  1. Log in to the Contentful web app.

  2. Go to the Content model tab.

  3. Click + Add content type

  4. In the Name field, enter a custom name for your content type. An API identifier is generated based on the name.

  5. Optional: In the Description field, enter a custom description for your duplicated content type.

  6. Click Create. Your content type is created.

  7. Click + Add field to add the first field to your newly created content type. NOTES: To learn how to add and set up fields, refer to Add a field. To learn how to configure your content type using the content type tabs, refer to Configure a content type.

  8. Repeat step 7 to add more fields one by one to your content type.

  9. Click Save to apply changes to your content type.

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