Adding validations to existing fields

Validations can be added to existing fields in a content type.

To get started adding validations to existing fields:

  1. Log in to the web app.

  2. Click the Content Model tab, then choose an existing content type.

  3. You will be brought to the list of fields for your selected content type. Click ‘Settings’ on the field of interest to open the field editor dialog, then choose the Validation tab at the top of the dialog to show the available validation options for the field type.

Different fields have different validation options that are specific to that field type. For example, the Short Text field allows constraints around uniqueness, being required, matching/prohibiting patterns, length, and only allowing predefined values. Additional options become visible when a validation is selected.

Validations: Short text validation options

Fields can be set to have a specific appearance, to help guide editors while working on content. For example, if a text field must match a predefined list, it may be easier to provide the editor with a dropdown list or a radio button list with those values. 

To set the appearance of a field:

  1. Click the “Appearance” tab of a field to reveal the different display options

  2. Select the desired appearance. You can also add help text to a field on this tab.

Validations: Short text field appearance options

The appearance tab for a short text field

Validations: Short text dropdown appearance

The same short text field, set to appear as a dropdown with valid options

3. Click Save to close the field editor dialog once you are happy with the validation, then click Save in the top right corner of the content type editor to update the content type.

IMPORTANT: Changes will not take effect until the content type has been saved

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