Asset bandwidth overview

Asset bandwidth is the total amount of data used when all the assets (such as images, videos, and documents) are downloaded within a specific billing period. It also includes the data from assets stored and accessed through Contentful's CDNs (Content Delivery Networks), which ensure quick delivery of these assets to users.

To view your asset bandwidth usage:

  1. Navigate to the Organization settings.

  2. In the Usage page, select the Asset Bandwidth section.


Billing period information

You can view your company's billing period and the number of days remaining until it ends. This way you always know where you are in your billing period and when your used asset bandwidth is reset to zero.

The billing period is defined by the time frame in which your asset bandwidth usage is measured. This measurement is illustrated on a monthly basis starting from the day you signed your contract. 

For example, if your contract was signed on the 15th of the month, your billing period would run from the 15th of one month to the 14th of the next month. 

Included asset bandwidth

The asset bandwidth figure is the total amount available to your organization each month as part of your subscription. Any usage above this amount will result in overage charges. 

Used asset bandwidth

This number indicates the amount of asset bandwidth your company has used during the current billing period. It is updated daily and, in combination with the billing period and the included asset bandwidth, it helps your company decide if any action is needed to manage your usage.

For example, if there is a reading of 80% usage of bandwidth within the first two days of the current billing period, this information can help your company decide how to manage your bandwidth for the remainder of the billing period. 

Top assets for your organization

NOTE: This feature is now available only for a small group of customers. It is gradually being released to more customers over time.

The top assets feature enables you to see which assets are consuming the most asset bandwidth for your organization. This allows you to identify and manage the high-bandwidth assets effectively. 

If you have access to an asset, you will see its name in the table and can click on it to open the dedicated asset page. 

Finding assets without a name 

If you see "Asset name unavailable due to permissions", it means you are not a member of the space where the asset is located. This can happen to any role, including organization owners and organization admins. 

You can share the asset ID with the team members who have access to the space. You can find the asset ID in the assets table.

To find assets without a name using their IDs:

  1. Navigate to the Media page of the appropriate space. 

  2. Select the ID filter from the search dropdown. 

  3. In the filter section of the search bar, paste the asset ID.


Usage alerts

NOTE: This feature is now available only for a small group of customers. It is gradually being released to more customers over time.

When your organization's asset bandwidth usage reaches 80% and 100% of the included amount, organization owners and admins will receive email notifications. These automated alerts help you manage bandwidth usage proactively and avoid unexpected overage charges.

Asset bandwidth usage alerts are automated email notifications that inform organization owners and admins about their current bandwidth consumption. The alerts are automatically enabled for all paying customers.


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