Creating a page

How to create a page in Compose

To create a page in Compose:

In the All Pages view, click Create Page and select your desired page type. The Page editor will open with the Page Settings tab.

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Page Settings tab

  1. Under the General area, define your page basic information: Internal name - Enter the internal name for your page that will be displayed within Compose. Page title - Enter your page title to be displayed on your actual web page. Slug - Enter your desired slug.

    NOTE: Slug is generated automatically based on your page title, but you can change it if you like.

    Compose Create page 201

  2. Under the SEO Settings area, define SEO setting for your page: SEO Title - Enter a title for your page to be displayed in the search engine results. Description - Enter a description for your page to be displayed in the search engine results. Keywords - Enter custom search engine keywords for your page.

    Compose Create page 202

    Hide page from search engines - Select Yes if you don’t want your page to be included into the search engine results. Exclude links from search rankings - Select Yes if you don’t want the links on your page to be followed by the search engines.

    Compose Create page 203

Content tab

In the Content tab, add the actual content to be displayed in your page by entering text and media to the fields.

The available fields and their structure in your page are defined by the settings of the selected page content type.

Compose Create page 204

Here are some general tips on adding content to your page:

  • Add new content vs Add existing content:

    • Add new content - Select this option to create a new content block and add it to your Page. This content block can then be reused.

    • Add existing content - Select this option to use content that you previously created.

  • After a component is selected, new fields will appear in that section. Fill these fields with content as desired.

  • Fields containing errors are marked. A page can only be published after all the errors are removed.

  • Changes are saved automatically by Compose app. As long as a page stays in Draft state, content is not live and cannot be viewed outside of Compose app.

Setting locales

In the page editor, you can switch between locales using the locales selector.

In Compose page editor, fields in only one locale are displayed at a time. However, the page will also display the fields that are not available in the currently selected locale.

NOTE: Locales settings are defined on the environment level in Contentful web app.

In Compose, there is no multiple locales view.

When switching to a different locale, the page will display fields both available in this locale and not.

NOTE: If there is an error in any of the locales, a notification will be displayed in the locales selector. Make sure to remove all errors to be able to publish the page.

Compose Create page 205

Publishing a page

While you are adding or editing content in your page, the changes save automatically. Your page remains in draft mode.

To make your page go live:

  1. In the page editor, click Publish. The Publish page window is displayed.

    Compose Create page 206

  2. Optional: Define which content types will be published by selecting the relevant content types checkboxes. Deselect the checkboxes against the content types that you don't want to be published.

  3. Click Publish. The selected content is published.

Compose Create page 207

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