Create a page

How to create a page in Compose

To create a page in Compose:

  1. Open Compose.

  2. Navigate to the required space.

  3. Under the "Pages" tab, click Create Page and select your desired page type. The Page editor is displayed.

    Compose manual setup 110

  4. Add content to your entry fields. NOTE: The set of fields and tabs in your entry is defined by the relevant page type. NOTE: While you are adding or editing content in your page, the changes save automatically. Your page remains in draft mode.

  5. Optional: After the content is added to the fields, you can proceed to publishing your page.

NOTE: Fields containing errors are marked. A page can only be published after all the errors are removed.

Publish a page

To publish your page:

  1. In the page editor, click Publish. The Publish page window is displayed.

    Compose Create page 206

  2. Optional: Define which content types will be published by selecting the relevant content types checkboxes. Deselect the checkboxes against the content types that you don't want to be published.

  3. Click Publish. The selected content is published.

Compose Create page 207

Set locales

In the page editor, you can switch between locales using the locales selector.

NOTE: Locales settings are defined on the environment level in Contentful web app.

In Compose, there is no multiple locales view.

When switching to a different locale, the page will display fields both available in this locale and not.

NOTE: If there is an error in any of the locales, a notification will be displayed in the locales selector. Make sure to remove all errors to be able to publish the page.

Compose Create page 205

Assign tags

In the Compose page editor, you can assign tags to your page.

NOTE: To learn more about how to create and assign tags, please refer to Tags.

To assign a tag to your Compose page or remove a tag from it, go to the "Page details" tab in the page editor sidebar and click Manage tags under the TAGS area.

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