Content permissions with tags

Note: Content permissions are only available on our Enterprise tier.

With content tags, administrators can enforce permissions on a group of entries and/or assets to ensure that teams can only edit or change content they're responsible for, and avoid affecting content that is owned by another team.

See our article about custom roles to find out more.

To enforce permissions on content with tags:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Space settings > Roles & permissions.

  2. Find the role you’d like to enforce tag-based permissions on.

  3. Click the triple-dot icon and select Edit.

  4. Under the name of the role, click the Content tab.

  5. Click the Add another rule button to add more rules.

  6. Select an action.

  7. Click the + With tags button.

  8. Search for and select the tags you want to use for restricting content.

  9. When satisfied, click Save to finish.

Note: "Create" and "All actions" do not support tag-based constraints.

Role editor page - With tags button

Editing content rules for a role

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