Content permissions

With content permissions, you can allow content creators with specific roles to edit content type fields within restrictions that you set. These restrictions can be applied to specific content types or locales. Permissions are granted by creating custom roles for a specific space. 

Content Level Permissions: Editor with localized field permissions

The content editor restricted to editing only Spanish (es-ES) locale fields

Important notes about content permissions:

  • Content permissions rely on custom roles, which are only available for customers on our Enterprise tier

  • You must be an organization owner/administrator or space administrator to create and assign users and roles

  • Content permissions only apply to the master environment

To set up field-level permissions, there are three main steps: create the custom role, assign user(s) to the role, and verify that the permissions work as expected.

In this article, we’ll set up permissions using a new Proofreader role. The “Proofreader” role will only be allowed to modify the localized name and description of Product entries. They will be able to only see other fields in the entry, while they will be unable to access other content types. The Proofreader role will also be unable to publish, archive or delete any content.

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