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NOTE: This new version of the content page and sidebar is currently an “opt-in” capability. You can choose to switch between the new version and the legacy content tab. While the legacy version of the content page is still available, it will eventually be sunset and this new content tab will become permanent.  

The content tab is where you can find the master list of all content entries in your space. To make the list more manageable, you can use search and filter to find specific entries.

NOTE: By default, archived content is not shown in the master content list. You’ll need to use the Archived view in the sidebar to see your archived entries. 

Columns overview

Your entries' search results are organized into columns. The following column types are available:

  • Name — The name of an entry. Clicking on the Name column header selects or deselects all entries.

  • Status The current status of an entry (Draft, Changed, or Published).

  • Content Type — The content type an entry belongs to (for example, a Lesson or Article).

  • Created — The date of the entry creation.

  • Updated The date of the last update made to an entry. Clicking on the "Updated" column will sort the list by ascending or descending date.

  • Published — The date of the entry publishing.

  • Created by The name of a user who last updated an entry.

  • Last updated by The author of an entry. If you're the author, you'll see "Me" instead of a name.

  • Workflow — The entry's workflow step.

  • Tags — One or multiple tags assigned to the entry.

NOTE: By default, the "Name" and "Status" columns are always visible and cannot be hidden.

You have the option to further refine the content or asset list by choosing which columns should be displayed.

To add or remove columns to or from the entries list:

  1. In the upper-right corner of the entries list, click the gear icon. The drop-down of available columns is displayed.

NOTE: "Displayed columns" are the columns that are displayed in the entries list. "Available columns" are columns that are hidden from the entries list.

2. Drag and drop the desired column to either the “Displayed columns” or the “Available Columns” area to display or hide them, accordingly.

Create new views 

Next to the content search bar, you can add views and save them to your sidebar for future use and consistency. 

To create a new view: 

  1. Search for the content you intend to create.

  2. On the right side of the search bar, click View. 

  3. In the dropdown, choose “Create new view.”

  4. Choose the visibility settings for this new view. From the checkbox, choose which roles this view will be able to view.


  5. The saved view will appear in the left sidebar.

Content sidebar  

You can view the different stages of your content development, add saved views and content type filters in the content sidebar. 


Recent views 

You can view and return to the content you have recently opened or edited. The recently viewed content will be listed in the table where you can view and access this content.

Content-tab-content-sidebar-with-recent views

Scheduled views

You can view the content that is scheduled to be released. On this page, you can see all the entries in your space that are scheduled for publishing. You can refine the list to show scheduled, completed, and failed entries.

For more information on this feature, see our scheduled publishing article.

Content-sidebar-with-scheduled views

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