Contentful apps

Apps help you with your work, integrate with external services and add additional functionalities to the Contentful web app. You can find apps on the Contentful marketplace

There are two types of apps you can add and use with the Contentful web app: public and private. You can use either of those types to extend existing functionality or to add new features.

Public apps

Public apps are supported by Contentful. You can install any listed apps from the Contentful marketplace.

Private apps

Private apps are built exclusively for your organization’s use within the Contentful web app and are not listed on the Contentful marketplace. They are created by developers inside your company or a partner that your company works with.

Apps built by Contentful

These are supported by Contentful and are usually free. 

  • Bynder: Reference assets from Bynder's digital asset management systems

  • Image Focal Point: Set a focal point on your images to achieve better cropping amongst different screen sizes

  • Optimizely: Enable experimentation of structured content with Optimizely

  • Netlify: Easily build and preview Netlify sites directly from Contentful

  • Dropbox: Reference assets from your Dropbox account

  • Frontify: Reference assets from Frontify collections

  • Cloudinary: Reference assets from Cloudinary's digital asset management systems