Web app overview

For the users that are new to Contentful and for those that need a reminder, the following provides a brief introduction to the different sections of the Contentful web app interface. 

You can create content for your project and get it published in the Contentful web app. The Contentful web app is organised into different areas to help you focus on different aspects of your project, such as creating content, editing, doing bulk actions and adding media files.

The main sections of the Contentful web app include:

  • Content page: the main area of Contentful, where you create content, check the status of an entry, work with translations and perform bulk actions on your entries.

  • Entry editor: allows you  to make changes to a specific entry. 

  • Media page: Here is where you upload images, videos, PDF files and other types of files. 

  • Media file editor: allows you to add and and make changes to your media files.

  • Space selector: allows you to quickly switch between the different spaces and environments in which you work.

Content page

The Content page displays a list of all your content entries in that space. You can publish, duplicate or archive your entries in bulk. 

Contentful web app overview

  • Add entry button: Adds an entry of a specific content type. 

  • Search and filter field: quickly search for entries by name or filter to specific content types to narrow in on what you see in the list. 

  • Save as view button: Save a view that displays a list of entries you searched for. By saving the current view, you will be able to re-use it later.

  • Content list: all content is listed here depending on what you filter or search for. 

  • Bulk actions: allows you to perform an action to multiple entries at once. The actions displayed depend on the status of the selected entries. 

  • Select visible columns button: customize the columns displayed in the content list to show only what you need.

  • Scheduled content link: View a list of content that is scheduled to be published. 

  • Saved views list: Allows you to quickly jump to a content list you previously saved. For example, you can view all entries by the type of content or by status, but also any of the pages you usually work with.

Entry editor

This is where you can edit your content (be it text, images or videos) or link to existing entries. 


The main elements of the entry editor are:

  • Title bar: displays the title of the current entry and its content type (above the title). 

  • Main content area: edit the contents of an entry.

  • Actions button: lets you perform an action for an entry. 

  • Status: see the status of an entry. 

  • Tasks: assign tasks for someone to complete. 

  • Preview: preview an entry on a live or preview site. 

  • Links: See a list of other entries where this entry is used.

  • Translation: enable languages for an entry, and and then add content for that language.

  • Versions: select a version, compare it with the current version and then revert any changes you need.

  • Users: See which of your colleagues are currently viewing an entry.

Media page

The media page is where you add and edit media files for your project.

Media page

The main elements of the Media page are:

  • Search field: quickly search for files by name.

  • Filter: filter your search by different criteria such as creator or publish date. 

  • Save as view button:  Save a view that displays a list of files you searched for. By saving the current view, you will be able to quickly come back to it later, without having to re-perform the search.

  • Add asset: add a single media file or multiple files at once.

  • Views list: quickly filter the asset list by using shared or private views. 

  • Asset list: click on any item to view the details for it. Or select multiple files to perform bulk actions. 

  • Add folder: add a folder and then add saved views to that folder to group them.

Media file editor

The media file editor is where you add or edit a specific media file. It allows you to add a title, description and the actual file.

Media file editor

The main elements are:

  • Title bar: displays the title of the media file. 

  • Main content area: edit the contents related to the file.

  • Delete: delete a file

  • Status section: publish, unpublish, or archive a file.

  • Links section: view a list of entries where  this file is used

  • Translation section: add and edit translations of the file and its metadata in other languages. 

  • Users section: See which of your colleagues are currently viewing this file. 

Space selector

The space selector allows you to switch between the different spaces of your different projects. The main elements are:

  • Organization name: the organization name to which these spaces belong is located at the top. You can also switch between organizations if you’re part of more than one.

  • Space list: a list of all spaces you’re a member of. Select a space to see its contents.

  • Teams link: click to see the list of teams you’re part of.

Space selector

Supported browsers

Contentful requires an up-to-date web browser to make sure you can use all of Contentful's features.

Browsers supported by Contentful include:

Training courses

Take the following training courses in our Learning Center to learn how to work with the Contentful web app:

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