Creating a custom role

Custom roles can be created by space administrators under Settings > Roles & Permissions.

Note: Custom roles are only available for space sizes P1X and above on the Premium/Enterprise plan. For more details, organization owners and admins can check their subscription plan.

Roles and Permissions Screen with Proofreader role

The Roles & permissions screen

  1. Navigate to space settings by clicking the Settings tab and selecting Roles & Permissions.

  2. Click Create a new role and give the role a name and description. 

  3. Under Content click the “Add rule” link. A new row of dropdown menus will appear to help refine the permission.

Roles and Permissions Editor Without Permissions

A new role with no permissions assigned

For the Proofreader role, we want to have the following requirements: 

  • A Proofreader can read any entry that is a Product

  • A Proofreader can edit the “Product name” field of any entry that is a Product, regardless of locale

  • A Proofreader can edit the “Description” field of any entry that is a Product, regardless of locale

NOTE: By default, actions are denied. You must explicitly grant permission to actions you want a role to have. In our example, this includes the ability to read entries where edit permissions are granted.

Putting these requirements into the role configuration looks like this:

ActionWhich entriesContent typeFieldLocale

Permissions for the Proofreader role

Once you are satisfied with the role permissions, click Save changes. The Proofreader role is now created.

pasted image 0 (3)

Assign existing users to roles

With our custom role created, the next step to enabling field-level permissions is to assign users to the role. (If you want to assign a user to a role who is not currently part of your organization, see inviting new users.)

  1. Go to Settings > Roles & Permissions. Under the Members column, click the link indicating the number of members for the role you want to assign users to. The Users management page will open.

Roles and Permissions Screen with Proofreader role

2. Click Add users to bring up the list of users for the organization. Select one or more users and then click Assign roles to selected users.

Roles and Permissions: Add users to space

One user (“Organization Member”) is selected for adding to the space.

On the next step, select the role that should be assigned to the user, then click Add selected users. For this example the Proofreader role is selected.

Roles and Permissions: Assign user to role

The user will receive an invitation to the space and will show up on the Users page as a Proofreader.

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