Deprecation Notice - Google Analytics App

Important: Effective July 29, 2022, the Google Analytics App will not work for new installations.

The Google Analytics App, which connects to your Google Analytics account to show page view reports alongside your Contentful content, is deprecated. Furthermore, new installations of the Google Analytics App are unlikely to work correctly at this time.

Read below to find out more about why the app was deprecated, as well as our plans to better support content analytics in the near future.

Deprecation of Google Authentication and Visualization Libraries

Recently, Google announced support changes that impact the libraries Contentful uses to display page analytics alongside Contentful content entries:

  • The Google Embed API -- which provides the visualization capabilities Contentful uses to display analytic charts and graphs -- relies on a deprecated Analytics API (Universal Analytics) which is no longer being actively supported by Google.

  • Separately, the authentication library the Google Embed API relies on -- which connects your Google Analytics dashboard to the Contentful app -- has also been deprecated by Google. (See also the warning at the top of this page.)

  • Since the Google Embed API is no longer supported, there is no indication Google will upgrade the library to support its newer authentication strategy.

Impact on Contentful's Google Analytics App

The deprecation and discontinuation of support described above will affect users of Contentful's Google Analytics App in the following ways:

  • Existing installations will continue to function through July 1, 2023.

  • New installations, which require a "Google OAuth Client ID," are not possible, since the current app will not function with Client IDs created after July 29, 2022.

  • Contentful will not be able to fix problems associated with these changes in the near future. We will continue to support existing installations.

Looking Ahead

Contentful is committed to providing integrations that enrich the content editing experience through data and analytics. We do plan to continue supporting Google Analytics, as well as other analytics providers, in the future.

Stay tuned for details about how the analytics experience -- and support for Google Analytics in particular -- will be provided to our customers.

In the meantime, please get in touch if we can address questions that were not answered on this page.

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