Disable field in response

Disabling fields from the API response means that the content cannot be fetched by the Content Delivery API, and thus is not available to your end application. These fields are still editable in the entry editor. One use case would be for fields that are only relevant within the Contentful web app; fields that indicate an entry’s status in your workflow, for example. That information does not need to be available in your end application, so why not make things more efficient by leaving it out of the response? We’re all for optimization!

To disable a field from the API response:

  1. Log in to the Contentful web app.

  2. Go to the Content model tab.

  3. Go to the required content type and click to open it. The content type editor is displayed.

  4. Go to the required field and click on the three dots actions menu. Select Disable in response.

  5. Click Save to apply changes to your content type.

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