Set up field groups

IMPORTANT: Field groups are only available if the Compose app is installed in the environment.

About field groups

Field groups allow you to organize the related fields of a content type into tabs or inline groups. Using these field groups, you can improve the editing interface for editors who use Compose.

You can set up field groups from the "Groups" tab of your content type.

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When organizing fields into tabs, they can be grouped in horizontal tabs as either top-level tabs for page types or within nested references. The maximum number of tabs per content type is 5. Any new field added to the content type will automatically be added to the first tab.

When organizing fields into sets, they are grouped inline in an entry editor. Field sets can be expanded and collapsed, and you can add them within a tab. They cannot be nested so you cannot place a field set inside another. The maximum number of field sets per content type is 15.

Manage field groups

To manage field groups:

  1. Log in to the Contentful web app.

  2. Navigate to the "Content model" tab.

  3. Select the content type you want to edit and navigate to the "Groups" tab.

  4. Select Add field group to create your first field group. The "Create a new group" window is displayed.

  5. Choose the type of field group you want to create, Tab or Field set.

    • When selecting Tab, the "Create a tab" window is displayed.

      Using this option, you can group the fields in horizontal tabs as either top-level tabs or within nested references.

    • When selecting Field set, the "Create a field set" window is displayed.

      Using this option, you can group fields inline in an entry editor. Optional: You can enable the Collapsed by default option if you want to hide some less used fields.

  6. Whether you select Tab or Field set, you must enter a name for the field group, and give it an optional description.

  7. Select Confirm. Your group is added.

    NOTE: After you add your first field group to a content type, the visual order of the fields in Compose is determined by the settings from the "Groups" tab. If no field groups are defined, the order of the fields from the "Fields" tab is used. This is the default behavior.

  8. Once added, you can drag the field group to the desired position and add the fields by dragging them into the group.

    • For tabs:

    • For field sets:


  9. Click Save.

  10. Open Compose. The field group is displayed in the page editor.

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