Field types

A field type defines what type and format of content can be entered in the field in the entry editor.

The table below provides explanations about the different field types that you can add to your content type and how they can be used:

Name of field type

How to use field type

Rich text

Rich text editing. You can have editing options in it and embed entries or assets directly into the field. NOTE: Ensure to select the embedded entry type and make all other necessary configurations as required by your frontend implementation. With no validations set up, the editors can use all the options without any limitations.


Plain text. You can select between Long and Short text options.


Number values, e.g. price, ratings, length, pixels, spacing etc.

Date and time

Date, time, and timezone data.


Information on geo-coordinates or location.


Adding images to your entry field through assets.


Enabling an editor to select one of the two options. For example, this field can be used for NoFollow or NoIndex tags.


JSON object. This field is helpful for apps.


Link entries or assets to your entry. To learn more, see References.

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