Image Focal Point

The Image Focal Point app allows you to associate images with focal point data for better cropping amongst different devices and screen sizes.

Apps Image Focal Point Cover

Under the hood

Internally the app will:

  1. Create a new content type with three fields: a title, an image and a focal point field.

  2. Configure the appearance and functionality of the entry editor for this content type.


Step 1: Install

Fill in the Content type name field (or use the default value Image with Focal Point) and click on Install.

Apps Image Focal Point Installation

This will create a new content type for you with three fields:

  • A title field of type Short Text.

  • An image field of type Media.

  • A focal point field of type JSON Object.

Step 2: Create a new image with focal point entry and set the focal point data

To create your first image with focal point data:

  • Navigate to the Content page.

  • Create a new entry of type Image with Focal Point (or the name you chose during the installation).

Apps Image Focal Point Create Entry
  • Fill in the title, image and focal point data.

  • Click on  Publish in the sidebar to publish the new image with focal point entry.

Step 3: Configure your content type that needs a reference to the image with focal point

To make use of the newly created image with focal point entry:

  • Go to the Content model page.

  • Edit the content type that needs to reference the image with focal point.

  • Create a new field of type Reference and open its configuration.

  • Set a validation option to accept entries of type Image with Focal Point.

    Apps Image Focal Point Validations
  • Optionally, set the widget of the new reference field to Entry Card to have a preview of the image with focal point it links to.

  • Go back to the  Content page.

    Apps Image Focal Link Entry Card Widget
  • Create/edit an entry of the content type referencing the image with focal point.

  • Set the reference field you added to point to the image with focal point entry.

Apps Image Focal Link Asset


How can I use the focal point data that I set to crop the image?

To crop the image based on the coordinates you defined, you can use one of the following approaches:

  • Fetch the entire image and crop it in the frontend based on the coordinates.

  • Use a third party such as which allows for.

  • Implement a Lambda function to do the cropping.

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